Deon Roux

Deon Roux was born in 1964 and is a South African citizen. After completing his National Service in 1984, he studied at the University of Pretoria where he qualified as a Mechanical Engineer in 1990. After he had been working as a mechanical engineer at Sentrachem for 4 years (one of the 17 plants on site was a dry ice plant), Dry Ice International came into being during 1994. He saw an opportunity in the marketplace to turn dry ice around; to manufacture and market dry ice as a service product instead of handling it as a commodity. A retrenchment package was accepted at the time and the little money which was forthcoming from this, was applied with a great amount of faith in order to pursue a big dream. The business had been built over the past 30 years with exceptional commitment, dedication and hard work. He is known as a visionary, innovator, strategist, inspirator and motivator and uses these five basic principles to lead and grow his businesses.